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Six Important Truths to Help a New Believer

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What is prayer and why is it important? Prayer is one of the greatest privileges and opportunities that you as a believer have with God. Prayer is powerful and personal. It is vital to your new, and continued walk with the Lord. We have such a blessing when we sincerely, honestly and lovingly talk to our God through prayer.



The Bible is God's spoken word written down for us. God speaks to us through His Word. In the Bible, God has given you everything that you need to know in order to spiritually grow and understand Him. When you read God's Word, pray for wisdom and obey it in ALL areas and see how you will grow in your relationship




Church is huge in your growth as a Christian! It's like finding new friends and family. The encouragement that you will find in a Christ-centered church will be like nothing else. In the church you become spiritually strong and sound by growing in the gifts of ministry.  Through the Church, you become a stronger disciple of Jesus.



There would be no new life with you had someone not shared the Gospel. What a blessing it is that God wants to use us to share the message of Jesus! God has given us the honor and joy of sharing the Gospel! Your new life in Christ should lead you to share Jesus and the message of salvation with others, others and others.



The Christian life is not a life of ease. It is a life that has ups and downs. The difference is Christ. As a follower of Jesus we are not different, but rather we have different. We have someone that has given us life more abundantly. As a Christian, we have Christ who will never leave us. He will walk with us through this life.  



When you became a believer in Jesus Christ, you never stopped being an enemy of the devil. He has not, and will not stop attacking you by trying to bring you into sin. Don't give in! You will be tempted by sin. You will even be tried and tested at times also. Don't quit and stay strong in the power of the Lord. He will strengthen you.

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